Emma Kaiteie Nutritional Cleansing Solutions

EK branding“I started working with The Long and The Short of It to help take my health and wellness side hustle to new heights. Cara guided me through strategic planning for my social media and created my logo and website, templates for my Instagram that I could implement myself and has been an adviser on a wide variety of content marketing and brand related queries. Working with Cara was easy and she always kept front of mind the core values and mission of my brand. She helped me find my voice. Although I am only just implementing the plans and strategies she has laid out for me, I’m already more confident and excited about where this can go. The Long and The Short of It are working with me to help me transition from a personal social media user to someone with an authentic professional social media presence. I would highly recommend Cara and The Long and The Short of It to businesses striving for clear, innovative and genuine online communications and engagement with their clients.”

Emma, Owner