THPA logo High Res“We loved working with Cara. In a pro bono capacity, she created our first ever LinkedIn strategy to promote our 2030 Leaders Program in Uganda. As a result, we boosted our LinkedIn engagement and even generated a number of brand new leads! Cara adjusted and re-adjusted our strategy and content throughout the campaign period as she looked at what our audience was responding to. It was a pleasure to work with her, and we are grateful to her for volunteering her time and expertise for the end of hunger!”

Tara, Head of Communications & Partnerships
The Hunger Project Australia

vinprints“Cara at The Long and The Short of It was extremely helpful in defining and clarifying  my company’s message and customer journey for our website.  Our online presence went from zero to hero overnight. Correspondence was efficient, clear and to-the-point. She managed to clearly explain strategy and outcomes while maintaining a personal touch.”

Nick, Owner & Founder

Vinprints Australia

SJT-Logo-Main-Transparent-Hi-Res“I’d been struggling to come up with a clear vision for my travel business. Cara was instrumental in all facets of the process – from conception of the branding, logo design, website content, merchandise design and social media strategy. She offered an objective perspective as well as a step-by-step plan for the entire development of my brand. I recently launched the business and have had such overwhelmingly positive feedback and engagement from my clients. Thank you again for all of your input. I’d recommend Cara to any small business needing branding guidance and marketing content.”

Sonia, Owner


Sonia Jones Travel